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Testimonials for Virgin Coconut Oil from COCONUT CONNECTIONS 


[My order] has arrived safely - it looks, tastes, and smells perfect. Thank you very much. DM - London

As a returning customer I'd like to thank you once again for your reliable and fast service.  My coconut oil arrived here in Barcelona within 5 days - incredible!  It's so rare nowadays to find such wonderful service by a company that I hope CC continues to grow.  CW - Barcelona

Your coconut oil smells and tastes fantastico!  I will definitely order again from you.  CW - Italy

The oil arrived very promptly - excellent delivery!  It tastes great as well . .. I'll definitely be ordering some more.  DW - Liverpool

"Definitely the 'champagne' of all the coconut oils I've tried!  Great service too." SB

The coconut oil from you is nothing short of perfect - brilliant.  Suzi

I received my sample pot of coconut oil today and am very impressed. Creamy, fresh tasting- delicious!
I will be ordering further sample pots to give to friends ...  LW - France

Thank you, as ever, for your highly efficient and prompt service.  I look forward to receiving the oil - it is for a friend to take over to South Africa and I needed it here before Saturday as I'm seeing him on Sunday, so I am very grateful.  EM - Sussex

Definitely the "champagne" of all the coconut oils I've tried!  Great service too.  SB - Sussex

Best customer service I've ever encountered and the best coconut oil too!  I tried to save money and buy "cheap" but you get what you pay for.  I'll stick with the Coconut Connections brand from now on.  It tastes and smells great and it's the creamiest coconut oil around.  MC - Oxford

In response to a failed internet order: 
Hi and thank you for the email.  However I phoned you yesterday morning and successfully placed my order over the phone so the problem is now resolved.  Thank you very much for your concern.  I think your product is great, and I certainly enjoy the 'certified organic virgin coconut oil' in my porridge each morning. It just can't be beaten - delicious!  WA - Lincoln

We have to day received our first jars of your virgin coconut oil and we want to tell you that we can taste the difference. From now on our dog will get the oil (also called organic) we have been using from a different supplier. Thank you!  MG

I want to thank you for all the virgin coconut oil recipes.  I am planning to buy Mr. Fife's cooking book as soon as I can.  I just love virgin coconut oil.  JT

Just received my coconut oil from you! Pretty fast! Great service, very pleased. Seems like you have got another satisfied and long-term customer!  BZ - Cyprus 

Coconut Connections virgin coconut oil is without doubt the best coconut oil I've ever tasted.  Thank you for your excellent personal service.  SAV

Thanks for your excellent service and product.  The coconut oil arrived on the day you said it would, and it is also a wonderful product.  SE - Liverpool

Dear Staff,  Great service, fast and friendly.  Can't ask for more.  Thank you. Regards Ken

Thank you for the very prompt delivery of my order, which I received last Friday (as requested, it had been left in my garage, hence the lack of signature). Thank you also for your telephone message, which I have only just picked up, due to my being away on holiday all week.  Your customer service has been excellent and I wouldn't hesitate to use you again.  PB

I'm amazed at your attention to detail - the delivery was first rate last time I ordered.  KL - Pwllheli

Many thanks for the pot of oil, which I was very surprised to win in a magazine Reader Offer.  I have been looking at this product for some time and now that I have tried it will definitely buy more.  As I cannot eat dairy products, this makes a very good spread, and I am sure I will be using it in more of your recipes.  Great website also.  MS - Cornwall

Ordered the VCO yesterday afternoon, it has just arrived.  Did you beam it up?  Many thanks for your very prompt service!  JB - Solihull

Many thanks for sorting out the courier - just got here so couldn't have been too far away!  Also, thank you for a wonderful product.  It has made a big difference in my life and I have only been using it a month.  My skin has improved 100% and I love eating it off a spoon as well!  BC - North Devon

Just letting you know that I have now received the goods.  Thank you for your kind attention and your help in trying to solve the [delivery] problem!  Best regards, RB - Maidstone
PS. Your coconut oil is really the best I've ever tasted.

Thank you for your help and excellent customer service.  PM - Wimborne

Let me just say how happy I was to have already received my order this morning after having only placed it yesterday afternoon.  The service was extremely quick and efficient, so thank you very much.  James - London

Thanks so much for your speedy delivery of my coconut oil order.  I have never met such a fantastic delivery service and have already recommended friends to you.  You deserve a special award for your service.  Thanks once again. Agnes - from Blackburn, Lancashire

Supremely impressed with your service, an email backed up by a phone call to inform of failed delivery - very professional, thanks.  RL - Leicestershire

Order received this morning.  Fantastic product.  Fantastic service!  MB - Blackburn

Since I've been taking your coconut oil my energy has increased so much that I've joined a sports centre over 50's classes and go three times a week.  I'm also taking tennis lessons.  My nails have stopped splitting and breaking too.  My husband can't believe the change in me. LPB - Hertfordshire

Your oil is really delicious!  SAB - Bradley Wood

Thank you very much for sending the oil out again. It arrived safely this time. I only bought 2 tubs, because I'd never had virgin coconut oil before, and I wasn't totally convinced it would be much different from the organic coconut oil I buy locally - the first sniff convinced me. It has a lovely "coconutty" smell, and I'm sure I'll be back for more.  JF - Somerset

In a short space of time, less than two weeks, I feel so much better overall and I can actually feel your oil doing me good.  Love the flavour.  Great product.  Thank you very much.  FM - Suffolk

Love your product!  I've lost weight too!  Thank you.  Phyllis - London

In response to a delayed package ...
The package arrived today!  I am glad it didn't go astray, so still send the latest one if you haven't sent it already.  I am finding it wonderful for taking down weight - as Dr. Ray Peat recommends - plus all the other good things I like it for!  Ursula - Ireland

I was SO excited this morning to discover I was a lucky winner of your coconut oil.  Having read about it in the Natural Lifestyle Magazine I purchased some, as I never expected to be a winner!!!  I must say I have been so delighted with it (not least as I am an Aussie and was living in New Zealand before coming to live here in the UK - so a small connection to the many wonderful  Pacific Islanders I know).  I couldn't keep it for myself as my 16 year old daughter discovered it and pounced on it, so had to replace it!!  I was keeping it in the bedroom for moisturizing, but the new one will be placed in the kitchen.  After I finish writing to you I am going to make a smoothie with coconut oil, spirulina, mango and apple juice, banana and kiwi fruit!  Nice breakfast!

Thank you again - it couldn't have arrived at a better home!! Karen M - East Sussex

I have just received my second order from you and wanted to say I'm really pleased with your service.  Your website and ordering process is exactly what I respect - simple and efficient.  The fact you don't bombard me with fuss and marketing hype is refreshing.  I like the simple packaging and the thoughtful "how best to" leaflet that you included.  You did everything that would make me come back again for a transaction with that "feel good" factor.  JC - London NW3

Love my coconut oil - thank you for such a speedy and efficient service.  MR - UK

Thank you for sending my recent order so quickly.  Delivery was made within 48 hours.  I think this was outstanding service.  Would you please send your information pack to my local health shop.  Julia - UK

You may remember me from meetings in Milton Keynes.  When I mentioned buying coconut oil to a friend last week, he told me about your exciting venture and I realised I had actually bought the product from you anyway!  I just wanted to say that the Coconut Connections' oil is delicious and amazingly versatile and I am busily telling everyone I can about it and directing them to your website. Cleone - UK

As a nutritional advisor and researcher for 25 years, I am always looking at the availability of products in the U.K.  I had been searching for coconut oil and the first ones I came across were disappointing. They were completely unpalatable.  All the information stated that the oil should taste and smell of coconuts and these did not. I thoroughly enjoy your oil and I have been receiving good feedback from my clients as well.  It's so smooth and creamy.  Your service is second to none.  Carol Bird - Leicester, UK

Thank you for the order which was received promptly.  I don't think I'll be using the ***** product again now that I've found yours.  I can eat yours straight from the tub with a spoon - a big improvement, and exactly what I was hoping the coconut oil would be when I ordered the ***** version.  Jonathan - UK

(In response to resolving the issue of a lost package ...)  Hello,  Thank you for letting us know and for the way that you have dealt with this.  We are very happy with the coconut oil.  PS - UK   

Your product is terrific!  It enhances everything cooked in it and, to my amazement, its aroma when in use, doesn't alter the taste of the food.  My wife is being quietly converted and is starting to cook all meats in it where appropriate.  Brian H. - UK

Thank you for an end to my search for a non-steroid, unperfumed ear cleaner for my dogs.  I use your coconut oil along with a fresh leaf from my aloe vera plant.  As I  have two dogs that need their ears cleaned on a regular basis (they both have big floppy ears) I can say that this oil is fantastic for getting out debris and the oil has no effect on the dogs.  They are also having 1 tsp per day on their food and their coats are lovely.  Once again thank you.  I shall continue to use it for as long as I can.  FP - London

Thank you for my virgin coconut oil, it arrived this morning. I'm really enjoying adding coconut oil to my diet. It has such a nice light taste that it's good enough to eat straight from the tub. I'm using it in cooking, for making ice cream and even for making sugar free sweets. I'm also eating about a tablespoon straight from the tub for breakfast - it gives me a great energy boost to start the day. It's also wonderful on my skin. Who needs expensive moisturizers with virgin coconut oil? I enclose my recipe for sugar free coconut and lime ice cream. The idea with ice cream was to make something wonderful to eat on a hot day that would also be very good for you. I can't have sugar but I love ice cream. So I decided to experiment with coconut and lime as those flavours go so well together and, of course, coconut is so good for you.  DL - London  (See Recipes page if you'd like to try this).

Note: These testimonials are reproduced as we receive them except for the correction of typos or shortening where required.